Litigation with a Purpose

When the result really counts, our clients really count on us.

Before every litigation, we evaluate the risks and benefits of the litigation together with our clients.  We believe that a thorough analysis up front is worth the time, effort and money.  At every stage, we, together with our clients, re-evaluate the value of the litigation at every step and help our clients manage their litigation costs by understanding the cost projections for each next step.

We have taken on and prevailed against some of the biggest litigation law firms in the country.  Our size gives us agility, our experience and the depth of our team gives us the ability to handle lengthy and detailed engagements.

Many of our cases settle when that is in the best interest of our clients.

We screen our matters to make sure that our clients have a legitimate purpose and goal.

Some of the matters we have represented:

  • partnership disputes
  • investor side claims for failure of companies to meet their obligations under investment agreements
  • contract disputes
  • recovery of assets concealed by former partners
  • wrongful termination and defamation
  • toxic mold defense for multi-unit apartment complexes

We have represented clients in many states including New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, and California.

Contact our litigation practice group at (212) 661-7010 to see how we can help you meet the results you need.