Real Estate – Strategic Investments

While location is everything, the best value is often outside the glamour sites, in places far off the interstates.

Not to say there are not great opportunities in the five boros of New York.

Our real estate practice group is ready to help you with either on the following fronts:

  • purchases and sales
  • investor agreements
  • vehicle set up and maintenance
  • commercial leases and commercial leasing issues, including non-payment litigation
  • non-insured litigation defense such as toxic mold claims
  • 1031 exchanges and exits

We also help our clients build their real estate teams with our relationships in real estate advisory fields such as accounting, cost segregation, and other services that increase ROI.

Contact our real estate practice group at (212) 661-7010 to find out how we can serve you.

Offices also in New Jersey at (973) 365–2770.

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