International Counsel on Matters in Israel and for Israelis abroad


Are you an Israeli looking to invest or build in the United States?

We have represented UHNW individuals and families from Israel in their American real estate interests, including Israeli companies acquiring American counterparts to expand into the US market, the recovery of interests in Manhattan property from former partners, and Israeli families on estate and probate matters.

Are you an American looking to maximize your opportunities in Israel?

We offer direct representation of your business and investment interests in Israel with our associated law firm Ariav & Ariav A.A. of Israel, a prominent Israeli firm with over 35 years representing Israel’s most distinguished companies and personalities.  Through this joint venture we have been able to aid Americans in their pursuit of assets in bankruptcy, trust and estates, real estate acquisitions and partnerships and business ventures.

International Reach

Whether in America or Israel, we offer the international coverage you need, right where you are.  The devoted and trusted representation that our clients receive from Smith & Associates is available with international reach. We provide counsel to reach your goals in

  • Business – partnership agreements, contracts, mergers and acquisitions
  • Investments
  • Real Estate
  • Personal – family estates, investments and more
  • General Counsel on Israeli matters

With solid legal connections and experience, Smith & Associates opens the door to opportunity on both sides of the ocean.

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