Family Office Sustainability

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We guide our family office clients in addressing four critical challenges:

  1. Stewarding the change of the guard from the founders to the next generation;
  2. Setting up a workable framework among the next and succeeding generations that will encourage wealth growth;
  3. Vetting and monitoring rules of engagement for service providers to the family office; and
  4. Successful direct investing – from setting goals, to negotiating, to due diligence, to deal closure, to deal follow-up, to relationships with co-investors and managers of the investment, and successful exits.  This includes charting investment strategies for the next generations pursuing investments outside the family office’s traditional focus.

Our clients arrive at our door step, often in distress.  Ideally, a family leader would seek our guidance well in advance of the crisis, but they are a prescient few.  For example,

  1. A patriarch entered into many deals with self-drafted agreements or merely, “understandings” leaving the next generation in disarray about what they actually own;
  2. A widow seeks to recover a building that her late husband owned, but his partners deny he ever had an interest in the building;
  3. A leader of the next generation with a myriad of advisors, needing someone to quarterback the team, give a second opinion on other advice and help vet who is a best match to be part of the team.

What it Feels Like to Be Our Client

         I cannot begin to express how very thankful I am for both the professional consul we, as a firm, get from you, as well as what I take to be personal support and guidance.  It is a real pleasure to be able to meet and work with you.  Those small, quick, more personal conversations I also appreciate very much.

Again, I thank you both for your time, patience and the sincere concern you show.

Our Firm – Open to You and Your Family

Smith & Associates is a personal law firm dedicated to providing wise and concerned guidance for you and your family.  We are fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.  With a combined 36 years of experience, we listen carefully to what you want to accomplish and then help you clear the path to make it possible.

E. David Smith, serves as General Counsel and Counsel for Generals for companies and their owners and family offices in the United States and abroad.  Reach Mr. Smith directly at (212) 661-7010, extension 1, or by email at