American Lawyers for Latin Americans

Belvedere of Tuscany

We solve problems before they occur

Our clients are sophisticated, successful and passionate about sustainable quality of life.  They want to be positioned to live a prosperous life no matter what happens economically or politically in any particular country.  They know they need good lawyers.

Our solutions

We have implemented solutions for our clients that create workable and effective corporate structures in Latin America and in the United States to maximize their cash flow and wealth building.  We have guided our clients in balancing US and Latin American immigration, tax, inheritance and corporate management issues.  We help our clients understand and manage opportunity and risk in business transactions.  We guide our clients in resolving disputes and conflicts so that their overall goals stay on track.

What it Feels Like to Be Our Client

         I cannot begin to express how very thankful I am for both the professional consul we, as a firm, get from you, as well as what I take to be personal support and guidance.  It is a real pleasure to be able to meet and work with you.  Those small, quick, more personal conversations I also appreciate very much.

Again, I thank you both for your time, patience and the sincere concern you show.

Our Firm – Open to You and Your Family

Smith & Associates is a personal law firm dedicated to providing wise and concerned guidance for you and your family.  We are fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.  With a combined 36 years of experience, we listen carefully to what you want to accomplish and then help you clear the path to make it possible.

E. David Smith, serves as General Counsel and Counsel for Generals for companies and their owners and family offices in the United States and abroad.  Reach Mr. Smith directly at (212) 661-7010, extension 1, or by email completing the form below.

Andres Mejer, pays close attention to client needs and, in addition, focuses on innovative immigration solutions for businessmen and investors.  Mr. Mejer is fluent in Spanish and can be reached directly at (732) 962-1805 or by completing the form below.