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Confidential Counsel for What Matters Most in Your Life

Smith & Associates was founded in 2002 in the belief that Wisdom and Relationships are more important than technical solutions.  In that light, our accomplished team provides the right solutions.

We look to Wisdom and Integrity to dictate the right action in each situation.  With tenacious representation and persistent advocacy for the voice that yearns to be heard, we identify and stick to the real issues, starting from scratch, challenging assumptions and accepted realities, bringing parties together, finding common ground but not compromising on what cannot be compromised, and choosing actions that bring fruitful results now and after lifetimes.

We work closely with our referral partners – other attorneys, accountants, advisors – who know that they can entrust us with their clients’ well-being.

You can expect:

  • Clarity as to how our approach will achieve your desired outcome
  • Clear estimates of what work we expect to do, time and cost
  • Copies of the work completed on your matter as the matter progresses
  • Timely invoices clearly describing our work – monthly, sometimes weekly

Ask for more information on how we will help you if you lead or represent a:

  • Family Office
  • Family Business

Our clients benefit from our talents and advice in the following practice areas and applications:

  • Strategy
  • Special Projects
  • Transactions
  • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Succession
  • Private Wealth and Wealth Preservation
  • Common Sense
  • Relocation
  • Corporate Counsel and governance
  • Partnership and intergenerational issues

While we handle discrete matters in the areas listed, we work with clients to understand the whole picture of their business and life, and how the use of law can create predictability and growth.  This sets us apart from other firms that may be proficient in distinct practice areas but not in the relationship between the areas.  Our unique approach is to integrate our practice areas to serve our clients’ larger objectives.

We see law as a key component of financial intelligence.  In our view, the most successful people, taking a long-range, generational view, are those who include trusted legal advice at the core of their planning process.  Many of our clients build Smith & Associates into their lives as a key to their long-term wealth building and success.  We are a highly valued member of our clients’ inner circles.  We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.