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At Smith & Associates, we do things differently.  We care about justice and making sure our clients’ voices are heard, no matter what it takes.  One recent case demonstrates the extent we’ll go to, even when it involves unorthodox strategies, and even when it rubs the establishment the wrong way, to guarantee that our clients’ rights are represented as strongly as possible.

Our client was an elderly woman who was cognitively fully aware and sharp as a tack.  However, her estranged son set up a system of court-appointed guardianship to take away control of her financial assets and her power to make decisions about her own wellbeing.

Trying to assert her own rights, she hired an attorney who not only failed to represent her, but also, instead of speaking up for her, began collaborating with the court-appointed attorneys and guardians who were not acting with her best interests in mind.  Dissatisfied, this woman hired another attorney, who promptly did the same thing, fearful of upsetting the long-entrenched system in the county where she lived.  Those who work within the system that provides their bread and butter often have trouble when it comes to seeing beyond it.

Finally, fed up with attorneys who didn’t seem to care much about her own interests, this client came to Smith & Associates, hoping to find someone who would let her speak up in her own defense to keep herself free.

I’m proud to say that she has found that with our team—in spades.

Our team isn’t afraid to rock the boat, going against the accepted practice in the county and defying the court-appointed attorneys at every turn whenever it becomes clear to us that they’re not looking out for and protecting our client’s best interests.  As the courts proclaim that they know what’s best for her and will stop at nothing to impose their will upon her, we’ve spoken up on our client’s behalf, calling into question some of the practices of the social services department and the county, attacking so-called experts who make snap judgments about our client without getting to know her, and withstanding a barrage of personal attacks on this elderly woman’s character that would intimidate a woman half her age.

When we first meet with clients, as we did with this woman, they’re often frustrated with their legal experiences so far and desperate for an ear that will listen to their side of the story.  They’re usually relieved to discover that we’re not like other attorneys they’ve met before.  We’re not interested in the way things have always been done—we’re interested in their rights and we’re willing to make their goals our own.  Through our team, our clients have their day in court to speak as loudly and clearly as possible.

While the fight in this woman’s case isn’t over yet, the tide has turned, and our client’s voice, long stifled, is now being heard loud and clear by the court-appointed attorney and the Court.  She is physically frail but emotionally buoyed every single day knowing she has powerful advocates on her side—a team willing to speak the truth and advocate for her best interests and work doggedly to preserve her right to self-determination.

This story is unique in many ways, but what isn’t unique is our team’s determination to do all it takes to serve this client’s needs.  We’re proud to offer this level of unrelenting dedication to each and every client.  Call us: we promise we’ll listen, and if you become our client, we will do our utmost to ensure that your voice, too, is heard at last.

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