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Many of my clients are not aware that I am a certified Imago Professional Facilitator. I’d like to share this side of my practice very briefly and explain how I believe it could prove helpful to you, your family, and your business.


You probably haven’t heard much about Imago yet, even though it’s been around since the 1980s and is based on even older psychological theories. Imago was originally developed within the context of marriage and family counseling, but has far reaching applications that can have a positive impact on any two-person relationships, including in business.


I have found that Imago can be useful with almost any type of employer/employee relations, business partners, family members, and others.
Imago facilitators take Imago theories and techniques and apply them to their own profession – in my case, to the practice of law. This training has helped provide me with a greater degree of neutrality and objectivity when dealing with clients. It has helped give me greater sensitivity to clients’ needs and goals, letting me help them deal with counteractions and opposing parties.


Imago principles can be used in mediation and conflict resolution or to help negotiate any type of difficult relationship decision-making process. But they can also be used to head off conflict and ensure that formal mediation or litigation does not become necessary.
Imago draws on tools in a way that most mediation approaches do not. While mediation is aimed at arriving at the simplest solution which is acceptable to all parties, Imago focuses on the core relationship and on communication – whether among family members or between business partners or associates.


For many people, retaining an attorney is the last step when everything else has failed. This can often lead to costly and unnecessary litigation. As an attorney trained in the principles of Imago, I’m often able to head off problems before they grow too large, ultimately saving clients time, money, and the emotional turbulence of litigation.

In my work with family enterprises, I’ve found that Imago practices can help stabilize the family at the core of the family enterprise. This naturally boosts the business, but it also frees the family to refocus on one another, enjoying their hard-earned wealth together.

As an attorney, I do my best to do all I can to live up to the trust that clients place in me. That’s why I’m always glad to have tools that help me in this side of my practice, whether it’s mediating between two sides or guiding family business clients through a period of transition.

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