CLE Presentation: “A-Z of Family Offices”

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On October 27th, E. David Smith, Esq. and Steve Thayer, Esq. will be filming a CLE program titled “A-Z of Family Offices”. Family offices and ultra high-net-worth families have many complicated legal issues that need to be met by competent and knowledgeable attorneys. Attorneys serving these families are called on to find unique legal solutions to complex issues, and their familiarity with the particulars of Family Offices gives them a distinct perspective and edge.

The presentation will cover all you need to know about family offices, starting from what a family office is and how it’s operated, to advanced estate and tax planning trust structures and complex family office management.

This program will be valuable for established family office legal professionals in addition to lawyers in transition who are exploring family office law as a focus. This is an area ripe for knowledgeable leadership, as the legal demands of Family Offices continues to expand.

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